Activities in Donoussa

Donoussa may offer the visitor a lot of thrills, other than the sun, the sea and its beaches.


Donoussa has a premium network of signed trails, extending to 12.4km in total, which comprise the Route Network of Cultural Interest of the island. The trails reach all the villages and beaches, bringing the hiker in contact with the natural environment, beautiful landscapes and the everyday life of the locals people.

Trail running

Every October takes place in Donousa the “Donousa trail running”. It’s a race where the participants have the chance to run along each one of the traditional trails comprising the Route Network of Cultural Interest of Donoussa, in a par excellence Cycladic landscape with a constant view over the Aegean, traversing the mountain mass of the island in its entirety and passing through all four of the villages of Donoussa. For more information visit the website


The west coast and bay Kalotaritissa are ideal for snorkelling.

Jogging, cycling

The regional paved road 13 km length of the island starting from Stavros and ends in Kalotaritissa used by fans of these sports, since it offers a path through constant changes of scenery and with varying degrees of difficulty.

One-day trips

Having Donoussa as a main basis and using the f/b Skopelitis Express, you may go on a one day vacation in the islands of Small Cyclades (Koufonisi, Schinoussa, Heraklia).


On August 15th the feast of Our Lady is held, on September 13th the feast of the Cross and on September 17th there is the feast of St. Sophia in Mersini.

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Stavros, Donoussa